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We combine creativity and technology to tell powerful stories that make real connections with consumers. From developing a social media strategy, to building websites and leveraging influencers for marketing campaigns to Search Engine Marketing & Pay-Per-Click Advertising, we do it all under one roof.

Digital Marketing

Everything starts with an idea and some strategic thinking. Quite simply, we will get you more business from the internet.

Social Media

Discover how our tried-and-true social media strategies boost user engagement, brand awareness, and deliver awesome (and measurable) data.


We identify everything from demographic details to the best channels to reach them. We decode their online behavior so you can make the perfect introduction.

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About us

CreativeNet is a business solutions provider with cost effective, state-of-the art technology for small to medium size business

Division of EasyTest.Me Inc – a Canadian Company

Our mission

We conduct business honestly and with integrity, while always putting the customer first.

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