Select from our multiple shapes to find what works best for your playing style. Oboe shaped cane Izumi It is ready to go! We offer a variety of processed oboe cane to fit the needs of all types of reedmakers. The gouged and shaped cane comes in bundles of 10 pieces. product (gouged cane, shaped cane, reeds, combination of multiple products) number of pieces; diameter (9.5-10, 10-10.5, 10.5-11) shape if applicable (1-B, 1-C) email address & shipping address; special requests for delivery options **If unspecified, the default is first class for $8.95 shipping & handling. Add to Cart. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Rigotti Cane. Available from these sellers. Rigotti Oboe Cane Oboe - Gouged And Shaped Brand: Rigotti. Skip to main content { "pageData": ... Oboe - Gouged $21.99 Oboe - Tube Cane (1 Ib) $110.99 Oboe - Gouged And Shaped $26.99. Oboe Tube Cane. You can select from gouged only or gouged, shaped, and folded oboe cane. Rigotti Oboe Tube Cane, … Condition is "New". 1/4 lb. Quick View. Medir Tube Cane Precut (10 pieces) $15.00 - $16.00 Shop. This is the thinnest shape that Rigotti makes. Alliaud Tube Cane. Oboe cane, french, gouged and shaped. $3.50. shipping: + $3.99 shipping . Var region of France From $0.80. Alliaud gouged by "toutpourlehautbois" beginner cane. Sold Out. Rigotti Cane from the Var region of France. Rigotti Gouged, Shaped (Rieger 1A) and Profiled Bassoon Cane New from Rigotti! See Cane Guide. As a child, it was instilled in me to give back. This item is sold in bundles of 10 pieces. $27.50. 1/2 lb. 1FO11X. ... Rigotti Oboe Tube Cane, 10.5-11mm. Related Products from Alibaba. Price $4.25. Rigotti 9 Pieces English Horn Gouged Reed Cane Shaped. Rigotti 9 Pieces English Horn Gouged Reed Cane Shaped. These are shaped, profiled, and folded. Specialist in Oboe Reed, Bassoon Reed, English Horn Reed, Oboe d'Amore etc., our team of professionals musicians will accompany you in the choice of canes or reeds. Quick View. Rigotti cane is smooth, evenly colored, and has a nice medium hardness. Gouged Oboe Cane (10 pieces) $28.00 - $40.00 Shop. Rigotti Oboe Cane, Gouged, Shaped & Folded. Rigotti Oboe Tube Cane, 10-10.5mm. Share. Rigotti, Semifinished canes for Oboe, Semifinished canes for Oboe : TUBE CANE - SEMIFINISHED REEDS : OBOE. Shaped/Folded Oboe Cane. This cane has the initial bark removed, and windows and the tip are roughed in. $3.40. . All you have to do is tie the reed, finish the tip, and clean up … Read More. Cane from around the world processed in our shop. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Rigotti is probably the most widely distributed cane in the world. 10pcs CCDR Pre-gouged Cane (10–10.5) $12.00 Shop. Shaped English Horn Cane. Student Shaped Oboe Cane All Shaped Cane is hand shaped by Hodge Products, Inc. Oboe Cane - Rigotti, Gouged & Shaped - Bundle of 10. Var region of France From $0.93. Rigotti Oboe Cane Oboe - Gouged. Shaped Oboe D'amore Cane. The Company was founded in the ‘70s by Mr. Franco Rigotti. Rigotti Oboe Tube Cane, 10.5-11mm. Rigotti GSF Oboe Cane 10 Piece Bundle: Gouged, Shaped & Folded by Rigotti This is authentic Rigotti oboe cane, grown in France and Gouged, Shaped, and Folded by Rigotti by skilled craftsmen. Semifinished canes for Oboe Reference : CP/71 TUBE CANE - SEMIFINISHED REEDS : OBOE. Var region of France From $0.80. Gonzalez Shaped/Folded Oboe Cane. Offered in 10.0-10.5 or 10.5-11.0mm tube stock. ON SALE Quick View. 52.80. Medir Gougés Taillés par toutpourlehautbois. Reserve Now. You should get the quotation(s) in 8 hours . $3.20. This area, crisscrossed with small rivers and streams flowing into the gulf of St. Tropez, is said to be one of the best areas for cane cultivation in all of the Var region. Gouged, Shaped, and Folded Oboe Cane (10 pieces) $35.00 - $42.50 Shop. Rigotti Tube Cane. Please note… only tips marked with an * are for sale. This item is sold in bundles of 10 pieces. Over 187 suppliers can give you a quotation. Rigotti "Cogolin" Gouged Only Oboe Cane (BM) : [Bundle of 10] £14.50 Rigotti "Cogolin" Gouged, Shaped & Profiled Bassoon Cane : [Bundle of 10] Rigotti cane is grown in the Var region of France, which has been cultivating Arundo Donax cane for generations. Cane from around the world processed in our shop. Get Quotations Now. This is authentic Rigotti Contrabassoon cane, grown in France and gouged & shaped by Rigotti by skilled craftsmen. Sold Out. The famed Rigotti name is synonymous with high quality cane from the French Var region. 175.00 . Rigotti Oboe Cane Oboe - Gouged And Shaped. *New generation of reed shapers. $21.99. Add to Cart. Reeds 'n Stuff. Founded in 1966 by Franco Rigotti, L’Entreprise Rigotti is located in a small Provençal village called Cogolin. Choose diameter, gouge thickness, and shape (width at tip). Rigotti has been producing cane on a large plantation in Cogolin, France since 1966. Price $3.00. France, Var region $1.50. Plastic Plaque, arrow shape RRBPQ $3 : Oboe Cane Gouged RROG $1.99 Gouged & Shaped Regular RROGS $2.19 Oboe Tubes 10-10.5mm RROT $279 kg Oboe Supplies Oboe Staples Brass 47mm RROS47 $3.49 Oboe Mandrel RROM $18 Rigotti is our most consistent cane and yields a high percentage of usable pieces. ... >> OUR PRODUCTS >> OBOE >> TUBE CANE - SEMIFINISHED REEDS. Shared by: Holly Woods from amazon. Select: 1 - 9 pieces, $2.75 each Select: 10 - 49 pieces, $2.60 each Select: 50+ pieces, $2.45 each Rigotti Oboe Cane: 10 pieces of Rigotti gouged, shaped & profiled oboe cane which only requires attaching to the staple & tip profiling / … Model. Gouged Oboe Cane. Pre-gouged oboe cane, made from tube cane … Product Rigotti. Buy Rigotti Oboe Cane: Gouged, Shaped & Profiled (per 10) from Crook and Staple! Sold Out. Price $2.00. MCW Artist English Horn Cane - Gouged and Shaped. Add to Cart. Price $3.50. Add to Cart. Order 5 or more bundles for $44.06 each, 20 or more bundles for $39.16 each! It took something surreal and life changing to post on the blog today.I would … Gouged Oboe Cane. Cogolin/Rigotti Oboe Cane - Gouged Only. MCW Artist Oboe Cane - Gouged and Shaped. 1 shape. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . $35.00 - $36.00 Shop. Get the guaranteed best price on Oboe Reeds like the Rigotti Oboe Cane at Musician's Friend. Thankful that it was a … My response to COVID-19. ... Reed Expression Gouged Oboe Reeds Cane Shaped 10 Pieces # $13.49. Get unrivaled Expert Advice & Free Delivery on orders over £15. This High Quality Bassoon Cane Straight Shaper is Manufactured by Rigotti in the No. Oboe Cane, Pre-gouged - Bundle of 10. Rigotti Shaped Oboe Cane All Shaped Cane is hand shaped by Hodge Products, Inc. Sold by the piece. not rated $ 18.00 – $ 36.00 Select options. Choose Options Compare. No Tip Handles are required to use this shaper. Quick View. Each piece has been shaped, gouged and cut to 142mm in length. $3.00. $35.00 - $36.00 Shop. Rigotti Pre-gouged Oboe Cane. Marca gouged and shaped by toutpourlehautbois. These shapes include RDG 1, -1, and -1N, as well as Mack, Mack+, Mack++, and Brannen X. 96.25. Oboe - Cane. additional details . $32.50. Close By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. Cane from around the world processed in our shop. Marigaux Shaped cane. Shipped with USPS First Class. November Donation. Rieger 1A shape. The shopping cart will calculate the discount. I use the 10.5-11 diameter for oboe, and 11.5-12 diameter for English horn For sale by the 1/4 pound. Student Shaped Oboe Cane. Each piece has been gouged and cut to length. Practice Cane. Priced per bundle of 10. . Semifinished canes for Oboe. Tube Diameter: 10 - 11 mm New (4) from $42.00 + $4.99 Shipping. Carefully selected and sorted by diameter from 9.5 to 12.5mm, Advantage reed cane is of medium hardness, consistent in quality producing a … We also offer a rental of oboe and profiling machine. $3.25. $3.35. Sale Pricing! Rigotti gouged by toutpourlehautbois. Bundle of 10 pieces. Condition is "New". Shaped oboe cane can be produced from any of the tips listed below. Price $1.25. 10 Units. MCW Artist English Horn Cane - Gouged only. Read our cookie policy. Sold Out. It is currently run by his son, Daniel Rigotti. Reference Price: 36.52. $3.25. Thanks to the vast knowledge and expertise of this company, the cane it produces is amongst the most appreciated by wind players at an international level. Cane, oboe (G/S/P), Rigotti. Shaped Oboe Cane. Shop. Lavoro, Marion, Medir, Rigotti, and Silvacane available. Add to Cart. Direct from an exclusive shipper in the Var region of France, Advantage USA Reeds has been importing high-quality musical instrument cane for over 20 years. This cane is grown around the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (PACA region). Their cane is of medium density is medium to medium hard. TUBE CANE IS NOT RETURNABLE: 1 lb. Cogolin/Rigotti Oboe Cane - Gouged and Shaped. Quick view. The new MMI oboe reed-making kit comes complete and ready for all levels of oboe reed-making. Customers also viewed these products.