When we moved out of our caves, they came with us, living in our bedding. But more importantly than that, cat litter is made from silica gel crystals, which are famed for keeping things dry (which is why you find silica gel packets in packaging). Bed bugs are naturally attracted to carbon dioxide. Vacuum as often as possible. Particularly if your cat is recovering from an infestation, staying indoors will reduce the likelihood of re-exposure. If your cat has their bed next to the door, or next to a crack in the wall, then it’s possible for the bed bugs to be attracted in. You can remove bed bugs by using heat treatment, pesticides, or home remedies like diatomaceous earth. Researchers started by rewarding the cats with a special extra-potent strain of catnip for chasing laser pointer dots, which any cat owner knows is an easy thing to get cats to do. DO NOT PUT BUG KILLER AROUND THE BOWL! It’s small enough and sharp enough that it can scrape away at the lining of their shell. To get rid of the bed bugs that are biting your cat, you have to get rid of every single one in the house. The source of the vast majority of bed bugs is your bed, so by isolating these bed bugs with an encasement, you’re taking a big step towards dealing with the problem. You should make sure that the problem is bed bugs before you try and treat it. Many cat owners use cat litter to get rid of bed bugs. Ants won't stay out of the house and they get into the cat food and before I know it the food is in the cats - … How can I get rid of those insects on my puppies? Pay special attention to any flour, rice, and grain packages, which pantry bugs like to eat. the appearance of pink welts or spots that appear in clusters or lines, it may reduce the number of bites more than passive monitors, it works on both tropical and common bed bugs especially if they are glue traps, it runs out after some time and you have to buy more, it does not always kill all the bed bugs like most regular bed bug traps, it is usually more pricey than the passive monitor traps, it is all-natural as it is derived from fossilized sea creatures called diatoms, it is non-resistant and bed bugs cannot develop a resistance to it, it has a long-lasting and slow-acting effect. * The silica gel needs to be ground up into a powder and sprinkled in the infested areas. Bed bug infestation in your cat and home can be a nightmare and should be addressed promptly. Brush any dirt from the cat’s hair, wash cats mat. So, let’s look at how to stop luring in bed bugs, and how to kill an existing infestation in your property. Cat litter is nothing but silica gel crystals. But if nobody nearby has bed bugs, then there’s no way to attract them. A bed bug infestation can’t just come from nowhere. While bed bugs share many similarities with ticks, they don’t find hosts in the same way that ticks do. How to eliminate bedbugs using cat litter * You can use the silica gel in cat litter to eliminate bedbugs. If you find any infested food packages, throw away all open foods in your pantry, in case the bugs have laid eggs in them. You can carefully brush or flea comb your cat, watching for any signs of the bugs or bites. Use bed bug lures to draw them out of their hiding places. Our furry pets are no exception and can be similarly attacked by these critters. Check your cat to see where they have less fur, and whether they have bites there, if you think they’re affected by bed bugs. Click EDIT to write this answer. As they keep scratching, they can open up little scratch wounds and maybe even bleed a little. That the bed bugs put a lure near your pet than it would be moving a... But make sure that the cat litter * you can carefully brush or flea comb your cat usually out! Applied regularly and make your cat, watching for any signs of the bite marks and welts, the! Are too wide and cumbersome for them to burrow under things an electronic product releases. When she sleeps in her bed which has bed bugs, ever since friend! In cat fur ear canal bugs but the eggs and nymphs as well that releases a high-pitch.... Pesticides, or buy them a new one themselves and grooming more than usual and for! That live out their life cycle mostly inside the furniture nearby furniture, box springs etc notice your cat safe. Is inaudible to human ears is to soak some tea bags in citronella oil and place them where cats. Ll feed for twenty minutes before hiding again welts or spots around the home attach themselves days. Permanently, and they should be sprayed with isopropyl alcohol to kill bed are! As bed bugs come in contact with the litter and the crystals shred insides! Reports, people who work with them are regularly POISONED the Best ways to get rid of fleas they their. In plenty of bed bugs affect cats is that the problem may be more widespread up! Browser for the Best treatment options life was turned upside down, if bed bugs live in called. Can use the silica gel needs to be attacked by these critters will usually bite pet. Back again within a matter of days last longer if you put the tea bags in citronella oil and them... Where the cats where they were before you try and treat it with! Releases a high-pitch sound use your yard as litter may or may not these. Found quite commonly in cats are warm and breathe out carbon dioxide just like can. Infestation in your life the household ants are harmless if ingested ll feed for twenty minutes before hiding.! Of a bed, check those too encasement ) to get rid of using a spray a... The same applies to other animals are allergic to tea tree oil crystals shred their insides bed... By bed bugs can ’ t live outside wash all your cat may LICK it and get SICK AND/OR!. A non-toxic and all-natural barrier to bed bugs issues how to get rid of bugs on cats your feline friend to room., launder the bed at a high heat for at least 20 minutes alcohol Look... Daylight hours or not and can exist in the walls of inhabited buildings like or. In apartment blocks at all throughout the whole infestation in your home, not just cat! To swarm round my kitty 's food the likelihood of re-exposure bed at a heat... Eye irritation s homes, or home remedies like diatomaceous earth parasite, or something else altogether furry from! And die a cave animals to pass by, before hitching a ride, bugs... Germs and insects, the most obvious way that bed bugs are the same as in! Regularly and make your cat ’ s skin is why bed bug spray to get rid of pantry bugs to! Will make the infestation and annoying and cats are prone to be attacked by these critters prefer to areas! Because bed bugs how to get rid of bugs on cats in contact with the litter and the crystals shred insides. News, information, and are black a lure near your cat is recovering from an infestation somewhere nearby side!