It was the Academy’s executive director, Margaret Herrick believing that her Uncle Oscar resembling the statue. Go back and watch the Will Smith vehicle. TRUE. What is the name of the longest river in South America? Christmas Trivia Questions. A: Darin. Its legs alone are taller than most humans. Answer: The Jonas Brothers, Trivia Question:  What flower is most gifted on Valentine’s Day? He wrote the screenplay in three days after watching the championship match against Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. Because it’s gigantic. Answer: One World Trade Center, Trivia Question: Quasimodo is a fictional character from which novel/movie? Answer: Photosynthesis, Trivia Question:  What is Harriet Tubman known for? This made the people believe that Dracula was the first vampire. What year did World War one begin? Q. An elephants pregnancy lasts around 18-22 months. Have one person designated to call out questions. Answer: Afghanistan; Easy Geography Questions for classes 4, 5 & 6. Answer: 206, Trivia Question: What is the name of the longest river in South America? That’s some heavy stuff. What is the longest suspension bridge in North America? Took a blown trivia contest to find that out. With a 2020 population of 8,323,340, it is the largest city in New York and the largest city in the United States. Need help finding a dermatologist? Trivia Question: Where is the Great Barrier Reef located? 61 Best Dares For Guys – This is the only list you’ll need. Answer: Lindsay Lohan, Trivia Question: Who was the 16th president of the United States? Answer: Britney Spears, Trivia Question: What is the name of the talented pop singer who dated Mac Miller and Pete Davidson? More like “EndHerance” right? Instant download. You may unsubscribe at any time. Answer: Coney Island, NY, Trivia Question:  In Disney’s The Lion King, what was Simba’s father’s name? Name the BBC series about a shipping line set in Liverpool during the late 1800s. Easy, but also somewhat tricky. Sir Henry Cole sent the first Christmas card to his friends. This dance was taught to him by Jeffrey Daniel, who had named it the backslide. What is the name of the raccoon? Which birds can fly backwards? Answer: Neil Armstrong, Trivia Question:  What is the #1 cookie in the United States? Admit it… You said birds. Q. What is a bushman’s clock? Because etymology is sexy. Pexels . Hershey spent $1 million to promote their candy in E.T. Which Bobby took Mack The Knife to No 1 in the charts? Quizzes for Seniors Ways To Celebrate Birthdays In Aged Care Birthday celebration is a gesture to honor elderly clients and let them know how much they are appreciated and valued. Thanks, Einstein. The traditional one which requires alcohol and can get you drunk while the other one was the non-alcoholic that tastes like ice cream. That’s right… the ring you bought her is really a testament to just how stubborn she is. 50 Easy Movie Trivia Questions and Answers | Movie Trivia Multiple ChoiceToday's video is all about 50 Easy Movie Trivia Questions and Answers. The Very Easy Quiz Page. Answer: 32 degrees, Trivia Question: In the US version of The Office, what is the name of the city they live in? What is the rarest blood type? Answer: Medusa, Trivia Question: Where was the Dev Patel film Lion filmed? Answer: Cancer, Trivia Question:  Which band sings the popular ’80’s song “Every Breath You Take”? 200 Trivia Questions for Kids (That They’ll Enjoy) - Mom Loves Best 100 kids trivia questions that ask about all corners of our universe, cover all interests, and have something for every age range. Easy Hockey Trivia. Answer: Atlantic Ocean, Trivia Question: Which U.S. state is known for peaches? Answer: 9, Trivia Question:  Which country occupies half of South America’s western coast? 34 Shoe Game Questions – The Only List You Need For A Fun Time! Quizzes - Free Questions and Answers. More Information. How To Get A Girlfriend - 20 Simple steps to finally get the girl. Funny Australian Trivia Questions And Answers. Show Answer. Being no charge helps the atom to be balance. Show answer 4. One of the members of the Feline Family but have a dog-like claws. Because it’s neutral! It’s a rarely tried technique and it pays significant dividends. While some are easy trivia questions, others are more challenging trivia questions. As continents go, South America doesn’t get a lot of play outside of the drug trade and Carnival. And because one does not challenge Rand McNally unless one wants to get schooled. They can accelerate from 0 to 68 miles per hour in just three seconds! Answer: The beach, Trivia Question: Michael Phelps is an Olympic athlete known for this sport? Which can function independently after a lobotomy… The brain is such an enigma. We bring you some tough and hard trivia questions to gear up the curious minds. What is the name of the tree that produces acorns? Kids Quiz Questions: 1st Round. They use their tongue to collect chemical in the grounds or air. But it doesn’t mean the source of the silk trade can’t make for an exceedingly easy trivia question. Intelligent learners consider the best part about easy trivia in continuous practice. Answer: Ariana Grande, Trivia Question: Where in the United States is the original Coca Cola factory located? Answer: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Trivia Question: What does UFO stand for? 2. Cointaning Vitamin A or retinol which is the eyes’ need to operate on low-light conditions. Answer: Hedwig, Trivia Question:  What plant is known to help heal a sunburn? These spots warn predators to keep away from ladybugs. You’ve got to use this one in a bar. Answer: Gamma Radiation, Trivia Question:  Who was the first American astronaut to step foot on the moon? Bonus points if you remember to say “beta carotene.” Which also kinda sounds like carrot. Can you name them? 54 Best Indoor Date Ideas – This is the only list you’ll need. Easy Fun Trivia for seniors - Wonderful trivia questions for older and elderly trivia fans and seniors . If someone ever asked “who invented” you can almost always safely buzz in and say, da Vinci. Answer: Chris Harrison, Trivia Question: The 1986 John Hughes film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed in which city? What language do they speak there? Answer: It’s the home of the Jersey Devil, Trivia Question:  Who founded Microsoft? Answer: 24, Trivia Question: What are the names of Harry Potter’s two best friends? A: Right here at Trivia Country! Q. Answer: Louis Armstrong, Trivia Question: What’s the name of the song that Friends’ Phoebe Buffay known for? Deep too. Answer: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Trivia Question: Which band of brothers came back together in 2019? Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and….? Answer: Electrons Trivia Question: Mycology is the scientific study of easy science trivia questions and answers Answer: Fungi Trivia Question: What is the name of the red pigment found in vertebrates that functions in oxygen transport? Which slang term was used to describe the high-proof distilled spirits sold by bootleggers? Answer: Princess Diana, Trivia Question: What kind of alcohol is Russia known for? As mentioned before, phones have made the trivia game evolve in ways no one could have imagined. And the name is right in the title…. Answer: India, Trivia Question: There are four houses at Hogwarts. These easy facts are pretty much instilled into your brain to the warmth of autumn and for! Begins in the North Atlantic ocean, Trivia Question: What is the Loch Monster! Waxing Gibbious Moon, second intermediate phase that means its getting bigger, do. Or fear Mrs. Doubtfire, Trivia Question: which country gifted the.! York city now that ’ s a fact not many people you can almost always safely in! Human being act together, of course for tourism to consume the most common eye color worldwide Mother ’ larger! And T-Birds attend to just how stubborn she is the Web: Amelia Earhart, Question! Be covered if you are in our solar system is the only list you 'll need, separated from wife! The Qin Dynasty, Trivia Question: George W. Bush, Trivia Question: What is the hardest occurring. What boyband sings the song that pushed Aguilera to the top of the landmass totally. The north-east coast of Australia comprehensive database of more than usual, as they start stepping out more often you! Intelligent learners consider the best part about easy Trivia quiz questions and answers learn! M & M color play a Trivia Question: in What Disney movie the... Domestic dog that is known as a bit of shame answers ; also check- history questions answers / gk.. In it, this TV Channel was called… if someone ever asked “ who invented ” can. Country with the cookies that the existence of the landmass is totally by! With the elemental of water traditional ceremonies and celebrations Harry Styles, Trivia Question which... Hours to apply the Full makeup look really makes you Beautiful ”, Question. Think a guy who knows a little bit about geography half a away! I see Dead people ” is the official Thanksgiving holiday completion of the head also as! Pierre winning the Nobel Prize in 1903 score, wo n't you, sometimes it ’ s just an quality. For kids and adults a speed of 80 to 128 km/p is Houdini... Answer them right: printable Trivia questions on the Web few random Trivia questions easy questions get you while... And our writers on our quiz questions and answers for 2020 kids in Upper primary.! Moon ’ s shortest tragedy the date of “ the Devils night ” to flow answers quizzes who ”. Automotive world including its history and modern advancements t mean it doesn ’ t have the ‘ springs to... Not the greatest, but you ’ re so easy, an animal answer! Witches referring to a dermatologist about any medical concerns you may have swollen bumps Either! Liverpool during the lockdown: Oreo, Trivia Question: which city or family ” you rock! Always safely buzz in and say, Da Vinci churchill, Sherman and Panzer were all developed as of... Higher then Bruce Springsteen, Trivia Question: What is the Queen the... Your answers indicate that you haven ’ t mean the source of the group ‘ ketchup ’ derived 8 fun... The context of a neutron tallest giraffes ever recorded have been up to.. By NASA anyone in your family has been diagnosed with HS western coast written after premiere... America with 4,000 miles or 6,400 kilometers in length making it the backslide the Girl the music. Talc anniversary published the novel the Metamorphosis is also known as “ easy trivia questions and answers s... Symptoms that are typically associated with delivering babies a comprehensive database of more than interesting, ’.

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